Tips for a Low Maintenance Garden That Looks Great Year Round

Not everyone has the time to spend maintaining a garden, but that doesn't mean you can't have the opportunity to enjoy having one! If you are short on time, then you can choose a low-maintenance garden that will look good with a minimum amount of effort! Here are a few ideas that you might want to incorporate.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

Gardens are increasingly being used as a way to extend your home into an additional outdoor living space. This is also a low-maintenance way to use up some space in the garden. Creating a deck or patio area is going to eliminate lawn or planting space and will only require annual cleaning to keep it looking great. With the right accessories and garden furniture, you can create a beautiful spot for outdoor entertaining or a sanctuary where you can relax.

Choose Low Maintenance Plants

In terms of adding plants to your garden, if you are short on time or if you just don't have the inclination to work in the garden, you will want to choose low-maintenance plants that will thrive with very little attention. Evergreens and Succulents are good choices as are hardy perennials.

Choose Shrubs over Flower Beds

Flower beds and borders can require a lot of attention, so if you are looking for low maintenance you should opt for shrubs and hedges instead. These will not require seasonal maintenance as flowerbeds will and you can usually just tidy them up with a hedge trimmer now and then.

Create a Wild Garden

Another great way to create a low-maintenance garden is to dedicate an area of the garden to wildflowers. Simply plant the seeds and let nature take care of the rest! If you fence in the area appropriately it won't take over the whole garden and you will have a colorful area that will attract lots of pollinators!

If you need assistance in planning a low-maintenance garden for your home, visit Northshore Nursery. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist in landscaping design and will be happy to offer advice during your visit.


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